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Website Design - Design Excellence

Communicating effectively hasn't changed much since grade school...but the technology definitely has!  Internet communication requires a combination of professional computer and artistic skills in an ever-changing and dynamic new medium. Technology itself is no substitute for real communication.  Only the development of clear, meaningful and concise copy, which is informative and pleasant, will convey the professional image of your company.  

We offer professional guidance and creative suggestions throughout the development stages.  We understand that our clients are not computer specialists. We attempt to keep communications on an easy-to-understand-level while helping them to communicate their message utilizing the best technologies available.

Our designers possess solid writing and management experience, supported by demonstrated ability to quickly learn and implement supporting technologies. They are adept at rapidly converting information into publication text and manipulating content from one medium to another.  Our designers have thousands of hours experience with HTML, web browsers and a variety of word processing, desktop publishing, graphic design and data transfer software packages.

Describing the Design Process

Essentially there are three elements to a high quality internet site: graphics, layout and loading speed. User friendly navigation must be the guiding principle behind the design. If the site is slow to load or unpleasant to the eye, it will turn away potential clients or visitors. Since your organization will be judged by the impression your internet site projects, it is crucial that you make an impressive presentation.

Graphics should be sharp and clear and optimized for quality performance. Different monitor sizes and capabilities will affect how your internet site views to visitors. Sites need to be designed to look as good on a 14" monitor as it does on a 15", 17" or 21" .  It must view as well in 64 or 256 color as it does in 16 million color monitors. Colors will display differently depending on the type or brand of computer.  And the two most popular browsers, Netscape and Internet Explorer behave differently in how they present the same material.  Added to that, both of those browsers have multiple versions that people are still using to surf the internet.

Perhaps the most important design feature of an internet site is the speed.  It is, unfortunately, the one that many designers overlook.  Well-designed websites are a delicate balance between graphic resolution and speed.  They take into consideration that some of your visitors will not have high-speed modems or direct links to the internet. Many website developers, who began on the technical and programming side, fill pages with slow-loading animated graphics or java applets rather than concentrating on meaningful content and design excellence!

A well-planned layout should allow for future expansion and easy navigation of the site. Well-designed sites allow the user to easily get to the information that may interest them.  

Your company's internet site sends a very graphic message about your business. Don't let your message get lost in Cyberspace!

Join our growing list of firms which have already experienced the benefits of advertising on the internet. Simply contact us after you have had the opportunity to browse our site. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Those who approach website creation in an intelligent and professional manner will set the standards for web design excellence and thus gain the rewards associated with positive consumer recognition.